Why Choose Us?

House True & Technology

Technology, automation and innovation have changed how people prefer to search for homes in today's time, forcing traditional real estate brokerage businesses to reconsider their traditional approach and embrace digital transformations. We, at House True Real Estate Services understood this change and leveraged technology to revolutionize the house-hunting journey for its users. On www.housetrue.com, users will discover digitized property listings with high quality images, enabling pre-selection of the properties to avoid visiting properties that don't align with their search criteria or budget. The platform empowers users with effective filters facilitating the precise identification of properties that meet their unique requirements.

House True's Approach to Genuine Property Listings

One of the biggest challenges in Indian Real Estate Industry is the prevalence of fake property listings and unorganized real estate agents. We, at House True Real Estate Services take pride in offering an assurance: every property listed on our website is 100% genuine and authentic. Before any property appearing on our website, it undergoes a two-step verification process, ensuring its authenticity and originality. All property listings are exclusively sourced by our dedicated in-house team of real estate agents, and verified meticulously by quality assurance team. What sets us apart is that these real estate agents and the quality assurance team are all employed directly by House True Real Estate Services and undergo regular training to stay updated with industry standard, ensuring the accuracy and genuineness of each property listing's detail.

House True: Fulfilling Your Unique Housing Dreams and Aspirations

At, House True Real Estate Services, our aim is to cater to every individual's unique housing needs and aspirations. Whether you're seeking a cozy apartment nestled in the city center, a luxurious penthouse offering breathtaking views of Aravali Hills, a spacious farmhouse with big lawns and a swimming pool in the outskirts of South Delhi, or colonial-style bungalow promising serenity, we've them all available for you. Our commitment is to assist you in discovering not just any home, but the perfect abode that resonates with your dreams and aspirations. With a diverse range of options available, we assure you, that our dedicated team of real estate agents will ensure your quest for the ideal home is fulfilled.

Elevating Real Estate Transactions Through Trust, Expertise, and Informed Negotiations

Your Trust & Our Reputation: Since its inception in 2012, the House True Real Estate Services has consistently honored the trust bestowed upon us by our esteem clientele and has enjoyed an exceptional reputation earned through years of dedicated service and satisfaction of our clientele. This trust and reputation stem from our continuous endeavor to remain at the forefront of the real estate market and trends, and to uphold the core values integral to our business ethos. Time and again, we have introduced property listings that are exclusive with us and unavailable to other real estate agents. Negotiations: The art of negotiation lies in bridging the aspirations of two distinct parties. The home-owners typically aim for optimal prices, while house hunters seek the best deals. Balancing these diverse expectations can be intricate, however our extensive track record of successfully executed transactions has equipped us with invaluable, data driven industry insights and advanced negotiation skills. This expertise enables us to consistently close deals that leave both parties mutually satisfied.